Donald Trump, Chiron- The Wounded Healer

Katy Lynn is a young intuitive Ophiuchan & communicates in Ophiuchus sensory messaging style. This is 13 Sign Ophiuchus Astrology. See Prometheus Software for more.

As I thought about the upcoming elections & Presidents Ophiuchus Moon, I pondered on the possibility of him being physically attacked prior to November 3rd. Within 24hrs of this thought his brother disincarnation flooded the media further polarizing the parties, further wounding the President. Then he caught and released the golden snitch of COVID-19 positive diagnosis, on a way dropping and releasing multiple wounds and the wounded.

80%+ of worlds self proclaimed Astrologers read thy charts wrong, not working with a full deck, as purposely dismissing Astronomy and referring to patriarchy arranged pretty medium 12 slice zodiac pizza ain’t cutting it properly.

Ophiuchus is the very center of the zodiac, the one polarizing all yet having zero Opposition, while being hated by all, being the Ether connecting and activating all around it.

Donald John Trump is a carrier of Earth Dragon Moon, he is of Ophiuchus Moon blueprint, and his life is a living testimony to this Serpentarius life path and power that’s all-encompassing. I can relate, as I have Ophiuchus Moon, yasss 🐍 in fact, my moon conjuncts the Presidents with a 3 degree orb, so when I say I see him, I mean it.

Being the 13, being the gifted yet haunted, and misunderstood, honoured with wisdom yet cursed with being an outcast, fighting for survival, being guided and being of purpose to the highest good. Having read some seriously mental posts about Trumps Ophiuchus Moon even from a 13sign Astrologers as Homo Sapiens gene pool is quite diluted now & 90% of people are barking puppies or the ones buying them as they’re so diluted they rather sleep with other species…. Make sure you are in that 10% will ya. And no I do not believe in communism, socialism, liberalism, Democratic Party of 2020 or other mental terrorist organizations. Raises BLM Don’t Thread On Me Flag 🐍

Trumps Brothers disincarnation is the wound I was looking for in his upcoming election situation, possibly voiding a physical attack on his own life, that is a relief and a sacrifice in a way, as this death around him satisfies plenty of the haters, and that’s millions of people and an affirmation Trump is universally protected.

Positively people intuitively recognize Ophiuchans as power players, and have either suffered greatly in life themselves, or are simply living from integrity and easily accept what is good for them and pay it forward. The meaningless are the non playing characters or NPC’s, a lot of crusader ancestry, envious of the Ophiuchus, and historically it was everybody. Now, having Ophiuchus President, this fact itself affirms the global remembrance of people and true genetic mutational shifting from Homo Sapiens to Homo Sanctus.

Plenty of people have little to say about Serpentine Goddess so they’ll bark at it and call it a man, and call it a snake-handling nude gay boy, and it is insignificant, as Goddess is a Goddess is a Goddess and Trump being a virile male honoring the Goddess is ultimately blessed with Wisdom and Venom, and universal protection to walk his path and do her deeds.

Ophiuchus heals through overcoming thy wounds, and carrying forward the essence of humanity.

#Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸 🐍

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