Jab – Cross

Being martial artists wife, I’ve done the jab-cross drills and can apply them to human interaction of affirming duality.

Let’s apply multiple examples to show how Jab-Cross dynamics plays out in human society with my own real life examples.

The jab is the initial regurgitating response of the average observer, bully or otherwise normal person and it is that straight line of thought process going from stimulus to observing to more stimulus and observing, Jab Jab, it is the modern short attention spans and people watching Telly. Majorly Consumers.

The cross is the original thought, the unexpected, overlooked angle, or the actual content as Jabs are used to set up Crosses, the disregarded reality and the authentic flow of a spiral thought process from stimulus to observing to conceptualizing to prototyping to testing and measuring, learning, iterating, and repeating with the next stimulus, or most likely another Jab. It is the Crosses of the society creating everything on Telly. Majorly Creators.

Today alone I saw a line of slurs written of me as “a silly/jealous/sad/psychotic/little girl” and as I read the clearly hateful (Jab!) words by yet another stranger I wondered what is their problem with little girls as I instantly recognize an issue with the feminine there, and I also wondered how many years of evolution the collective has to go through to discontinue the need for extremism in affirming duality at its extreme ends at all times, as y’all want balance right. How profoundly vile and child hating someone has to be to use words as little girl, little boy, and kiddie to attempt to bully someone, just goes to affirm their inner children are wounded in their childhood, and honestly most of ours are, but I hoped to witness society where adults act like adults and take care of the children, even if it’s the inner child of yourself or someone else, as humans have caused massive child abuse culture worldwide and it is literally a CULTURE that is insane, no, using words of children as implied curse words is not indicative of a good person, and I encourage you to raise your standards of what and who you accept, dismissing the pop culture as it is profoundly diseased and children are suffering from the undoing and dismissal of the adults.

Latvian Survivor in me is skipping over the insult part of the whole experience as me calling a long term bully who’s imposed on my now second pregnancy, today a fifty three year old female, older than my own mother, a narcissistic old woman is an okay and justified description of her in my own semantics decoding and personal life experience, in context of an outburst of a rant at 27 weeks of my pregnancy as I am beyond done with her personal attempts on my family’s private space. Over it. Meanwhile, a complete stranger, from Bronx out of all places, thank you, calling me, a woman that’s freshly 30, pregnant, raising a child, taking care of a household, opening and closing businesses left and right calling ME a little girl just feels and let’s admit it IS odd, which means this Jab has to be of someone old and bitter like an average Democrat.

Jab will ask for your sources and education wearing hierarchy like smelly shoes because they survived in it so they got to make themselves proud of it. Crosses tend to say I am the source and I am a wise ass dropout creator respecting the Synchronic Order of things and matter.

Jab will predictably say it’s double standards to say I can call a 53 year old bully an old narcissist but the same cannot call me a little girl, but a Cross recognizes common sense of me being an adult woman, that’s a mother to a little girl, and the emotionalism of narcissistic minions is swiftly dismissed especially as there’s a slur of meaningless cursing and projecting.

Jabs have a linear jabbing way of doing virtually everything, they are quick to insult, quick to threaten, quick to lay off and quick to repeat, but Crosses observe and gather evidence until crossing out the jab altogether to prevent further jabs from being thrown at them altogether.

Jabs are quick to assume the right of causing terror without repercussions, like your everyday liberal in radical left today, Crosses are the preparers, the alpha males and the underdogs who deal until a point and then curve thy hand and respond with massive action, strike of a Cross.

Jabs comment said writing out ones thought in depth while married and having kids is wrong and a sign of misery, while Crosses see the books, movie scripts, policies and laws weren’t written by the three word Jab Karens but by Crosses who do the psychological self care of practicing overthinking and applying the conclusions Gained.

Jabs say people with kids don’t have time to write. Crosses make that curve thought and think of how did this person manage to create a life to have the opportunity and time to write, in fact thank you Jab for reminding me my luxuries. I can tell you, switching the hours of ya visual entertainment can give you the time to write for yourself if you so desire.

Jabs attempt to diagnose me or any other Multipotentialite as Bipolar or “insert the first psychiatric diagnosis or physical disease that comes to mind” and project thy lack of foresight on us attempting to paint us into the ugly duckling when Crosses know we are mostly androgynous brained and out of all Bi’s simply Bisexual and swans, balanced and cut-throat when it goes to responding to injustice.

Jabs like to project their repressed emotionalism spilling it as rage outwardly while Crosses channel it purposely, acknowledging emotions as fleeting, feelings as permanent & practicing mindfulness. Again, since in martial arts the jabs are used to set up our crosses, the Jab of a Cross is the ultimate experience.

I am honored and grateful to be trained by the same man who’s trained the worlds elite soldiers. As a soldiers daughter, I appreciate the authentic experience of my fathers maker.
Photo credit paparazzi street photographer Dean Lautermilch.

As a Cross knowing my spite of injustice and having empathic human design is calling for the narcissistic minions torches to be pointed my way as hated by all is written in my natal birth chart aspects interpretations, I prevent Jabs at me legally by having long taken care of that diagnostics myself as I see counseling as a part of self-care and I am grateful for the luxury of being able to rant to my therapist one hour at a time cleansing my energy from any everyday anxiety build up, voiding me forming unnecessary friendships based on a need for validation or otherwise a need for a therapist as honestly, let’s admit it, mashing in an arranged friends pool, up-keeping truthful or false relationships for the sake of having someone to talk to is exhausting, people genuinely don’t want to deal with people, that’s why there’s a plague of cats and dogs being your best friend over your own species. I love animals but I sleep with humans, and call my children humans, I’ll just leave it at that as my response to my psychological health thank you. I like counseling and think it’s a better investment than beauty salon visits at same frequency. To my dear Jabs disappointment I am acknowledged as perfectly competent by Your preferred point of reference, and we work towards securing a peaceful home birth experience, keep my Thyroid supported & nerves at ease to prevent post partum complications at the hormonal drop of three months post partum.

Beauty Treatments matter most to Jabs but Psychological Treatment matters most to Crosses, while Jabs are the ones needing them the most and Crosses being the self sacrificial kind can definitely use more of that beauty self care the Jabs so obsessively engage in. Jabs are the women who willfully schedule a Cesarean without any emergency whatsoever and Jabs are the ones who built a business around health insurance and hospital policies absolutely turning humans away from humanity, while Crosses are educated females who see birth as a natural process and will birth their own children themselves like a human should. Jabs see child birth as an emergency, Crosses; as a rite of passage. Jabs medicate themselves and their yet unborn children while Crosses embrace The Ring of Fire. Jabs frantically feed formula to their kids, vaccinate all that’s on the menu while Crosses are the people taking care of implementing new policies & rebuilding of the law system to prevent and stop such crimes to human species.

That said, sharing hated by all birth chart aspects with profoundly outstanding crosses of females as Melania Trump and Ann Coulter sits with me just alright. It is funny how even reading their names gives a tantrum to any average Jab.

Let’s dig in more shall we. This Jab person was attempting to bully me over me not having a car, or job, at my 24 writing something as “kiddie kiddie go back to your kiddie pool”, first if she attempted to sound as an elder, she sounded as a profoundly damaged and evil one and I don’t wish such maternal narcissism on anyone. But again I can respond as a Cross; as at a time I had just gotten off of a Mega Yacht I spent night shifts navigating from UK through Gibraltar down the coast of Spain to France and Italy. Kiddie knew how to navigate boats internationally, living life in the ocean, and once my mermaid tail was put on a shelf marrying a land-dwelling Prince Charming, I went to get my American drivers license at 9th month of my first pregnancy as I knew I’ll have to drive in the new mom shoes and time for city life overall. Noteworthy, as she in her midlife crisis so proudly speaks ill of a young stranger, driving her Nissan Rouge to her time trading job as a Jab, I solely deal only with entrepreneurial projects and my first car now is a Porsche Cayenne, and admitting it only makes me feel compassion for the Jabs carelessness to undermine another, for the sake of what exactly? To hear yet another truth you don’t want to hear? I know by time I am the age of any of my bullies, I will be ultra-polished in my diplomatic approach of responding all matters but right now I am a mama bear fuming over bullying people imposing on my life, I own each bit of the journey of ranting the hell on about it for as long as I will, and I expect them to simply evolve and be better people already. I cannot I will not accept old bullying people in anyone’s life, period! I think synchronic order of things in the universe demands a degree of dignity in behaviors of our elders, it demands support and a positive example from the older to the young, but what I witness in society daily is the opposite. We are surrounded by whiny, needy, burdensome and grumpy old people who first of all damaged their own lives and children with whatever nonsenses they created in their own past and its pop culture and all because of their ego, greed and perpetual state of wanting to attack someone else. What is it with humans. What is it with you.

Jabs are competitive, and Crosses roll thy eyes at it.

See the pattern of Jab-Cross yet? The Jab is a straight hit, it is alarming as the yellow warning sign, it gets your noradrenaline going as you see it thrown at you and it is irritating but it is incomplete as you have a response to it, while the Cross is curved and can actually takes one out the whole Jabbing about it thing. The Jab is intense and packs a punch but Cross is what will take out pretty much any Jab who’s too focused on linear movement and being overall psychologically blocked while the Cross is the cut throat. Jabs are your doers, Crosses are your beings.

I fancied martial arts since I knew my father loved and practiced them since running barefoot in the sand dunes by the Baltic Sea in Upesgrīva and my mom was trained by two champion boxers who were her neighbors as a youngster in Latvia. My father carried the book of Bruce Lee on his heart and it saved his life once. My mom escaped a gang rape situation with Russians by applying a swift kick from a train, while her untrained friend was taken. I admire and appreciate the art of self defense.
To JET, I Thank You for being the Cross making us all safer.

A bunch of pestering senior Jabs assumed they get to impose on a mans life based on early age associations with him, and I readily respond with a double Cross and a true story there too as being attacked while pregnant myself and seeing my husband being attacked behind his back stings differently, it is appalling of the Jabs to impose present associations with someone solely because of past experience with a person, and especially needy and malevolent are those who impose associations or knowing someone in adult life when the only reference point they have is adolescent years of the person. Yes we can both just laugh you off, or accept you laughing about us, but can you just evolve already and live with integrity so we all can do more meaningful things on Earth altogether?

For example, an average Jab stranger attempted to undermine a man by saying they remember him as a poor bagel boy who was, according to their Jab vision scope, needed to be helped and raised, (by a bunch of older women, and I mean WAY older) when a Cross that knows the Jabs are speaking of at a time 20 years young hard-working immigrant who for the first two weeks did sandwich making side jobs in the Bagel Shop, was noticed as an excellent worker and got a raise from then his $5 per hour minimum wage salary, being given the task of making the bread itself from the recipes provided. In a few days Robert the boss asked him; “where are your recipe books”, JET answered, “all in my head”, as he kept working as he was making 22 different kinds of breads there, the boss looked at him with a scary eye but realizing he’s looking at his best worker, he raised his salary to $11 per hour making him the main bread maker making 800 pounds of dough per day and the breads from it, working day and night shifts handling the bread making process, supplying surrounding universities and shops with fresh bread daily, arranging the store for the opening or closing, entertaining the customers as they lined up at the store for their coffee and breakfast, feeding so many people in his early age! How profoundly beautiful and romantic is that of an experience and contribution! I celebrate the bagel boy and I have a special love for bread makers as my god mother is a professional chef, she with my mom always baked at home and other baked goods of highest class and multiple layers and flours, when I first saw what a cake is in America I felt sorry for people as our house women always made as I now learn all European Tortes with different fillings and obviously you make it from scratch as they say it in America, when in Latvia it’s called COOKING! Also, one of my first paid jobs was in a private banquet bakery where for two weeks I made cakes for weddings and special events, and bread snacks as pīrāgi for local stores in Plācis, Latvia. My hands hurt from the work but I liked the smells of all the sweets and hey eating a wedding cake scraps every day for lunch as a 10th grader was a good deal. Got pimples and sore hands for mixing the creams but I survived and smile at remembering that kitchen. Also, one of my closest people in life did the bakery work while we were in school, I remember visiting her at work as she was mixing up the batches of flours and skipping the enhancements that were on the labels as everyone considered them unnecessary but European Union laws required “putting it in” so people just stamped that shit on the label without putting the thing in the bread and I loved it about this company! The fresh smell and hot crust of the bread loafs, the little muffins she’d give me and bring to school to our poorer classmates, friends or school principle, with her eyes blood shot, hands red and dry with skin on her palms and fingers cracked from handling so much bread with her young hands. My sweet dancer tandem girl Ilze worked at her bread bakery as the main employee at her 25, and my now husband worked the same job from 20 till 25, so although I wasn’t there personally for my hubby as I was 6 years old when he started that job, I can fully vouch for someone who’s worked so hard in their youth, as I’ve witnessed the character and seen the hands of a true bread maker. So the Jabs can sit down. How disrespectful is to even attempt to shun someone physically feeding the masses implying it is a bad job, haven’t you eaten bread in life? Where is your gratitude for common folk, do you shun the farmers too? Who else? That person sounds empty and single and got to be with a desk job as he was speaking of a good job in the mans later life. God knows I dislike man-twigs, especially in context of giving poor financial advice to their own family, and bullying absolute stranger simultaneously. Besides, on a walk-through in this Kendall’s bagel shop that we went to with our child now, I loved seeing the wonder in my husbands eyes remembering his early efforts, speaking to Robert his former boss who to this day calls JET his best employee, and this is 20 years later. Recognizing the full cycle of an apprentice outgrowing thy teacher, it is a beautiful experience. Once the young boy grew into a young man and readily moved on to the next chapter of his work life, he received a support letter of excellence that warranted him being hired on the next milestone… into his today full blown 1% career as an applied Multipotentialite.

And although he hasn’t made a loaf of bread for us at home yet, he thinks he might in his retirement as he counts a recipe off the top of his head of the ingredients for 100lbs of dough; 12lbs brown sugar, 45lbs water, half a block of yeast…….. Outrageous!

To this day, heading out the door he sometimes says, time to make the bagels!

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