Publicity rights.

Because the technology we all use daily now is so new and fast advancing, people complain about unwanted posts of them online, or commit to ignoring it in silence which is self sabotaging, self-oppression, feeling embarrassed yet helpless to protect oneself, what kind of life is it. Why would you live that way. You got your list of human rights. Defend them. Pure simplicity.

Upsetting, defamatory and otherwise public posts harmful to psychological well-being or professional reputation of another can and should be taken care of with legal counsel. Freedom of speech warrants people get to speak the truths online as public space, but if you have denied consent of use of your imagery or association overall, asserting your will as a free human being, and your rights are disregarded and violated on ongoing basis anyway, go defend those rights human! You own your life. And you owe yourself to do right by yourself and own your space, and in 2020 it is your face in the cyberspace, and if you don’t want it there, you get to remove it legally. Yes, You!

Violation of law is a crime and purposeful, willful, conscious violating of free will of another is disturbingly socially acceptable phenomena in cyberspace that has to be purged already.

I have signed plenty of image release and non disclosure forms to affirm, the people that know of this, your rights of your own public image, respect the image of another. And photographers especially know that at the end the model (you!) owns the rights to her own image, that’s why young photographers are especially keen and careful in obtaining model releases, but at the end you get to change your mind and remove consent of use of your own image as a model and that’s the end of it. You always have the right of your image, and I mean your physical face, it’s not just celebrities and big shots who can sue one another, all people got to know your image is your property, and denying your consent of use of your image to another person, puts them as violators of the law of your publicity rights. Period!

This is exactly how you can go about dealing with your own lives demons, first write them a message of denial of consent of using their images, using words as “remove all my pictures from your page you don’t have my consent to post my images” is enough once, but of course evidence of having stated your will and claim of your own public image multiple times can be good for a successful outcome in court as cyber cases are new yet booming business expected to only grow each year. In our family, we have six years worth of evidence of publicity and privacy rights violations and ongoing violations of this persons parental position for personal means that have been plain emotional pestering on her end, while it’s been life, and children affecting in ours.

Yes it is hurtful and maddening. And no you’re not weak for addressing it, your feelings are valid and so are your rights and freedom of choice and freedom of free will, whoever attempts to triangulate your families in eating it for them gaslighting you, add your experience to the police report, and then sue with confidence. Even if you lose in court over corruption that’s beyond your control, I encourage people to know and defend their rights to transcend the Christian-church conditioning of turning the other cheek and overall succumbing to accepting whatever the hell someone else wants you to accept. You have the right to say no. And you have the right to appeal.

Having your rights asserted is one thing, being paired with a judge who is of the better part of human gene pool to actually do a good job is another. Laws work in theory, but in practice applied we see majorly corrupt opinionated system. For example, once I lost in a case of theft of cash money where my pretty blue fresh from ATM paper hundred dollar bills were showed being counted under the cash register from surveillance camera recording, yet the thief got away as not guilty and the amazing part is I couldn’t even call him a thief in life as he got away as not guilty, isn’t that crazy. The only explanation I can come up for this was a fully black jury and myself being in especially good mood that day, and of course the only white person there aside of my appointed attorney. It was surreal to experience, like the movie scene of where you’re watching something wrong but you keep yourself together as you know it is just a movie. But this wasn’t!!!! With more people being courageous in defending their rights and freedoms we as a society have the chance of cleaning up this gene pool making an impact towards the good of all.

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