Glass Half Full

Celery Juice is a global trend, everyone in pop culture is in the loop of trying it, having it daily, or even advocating for it as Sylvester Stallone on his own social media. I of course happily ignore any public hype and this time I wish I’d heard of it years earlier! But now that I have my hands on Medical Mediums book Thyroid Healing, I am feeling weaponized with knowledge & at peace finally and fully being explained the truth of my body never ever ever having attacked itself. Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroditis three months post partum of the birth of my first child, I never accepted this narrative, while Epstein-Barr Virus and global viral pandemic of multiple viral strains make absolute perfect sense in my analytical mind, especially during the Covid-19 Plandemic happenings.

Anyway, let’s talk the goods! Celery Juice a day keeps the Bullshit away!

Wake up, chip it, juice it, or in my case blend it, as my pricey Life Long Warranty Omega Juicer has broken down, mashing the veggies in circles, not squeezing anything aside of my nerve endings, and I remember in the past receiving Omega juicer parts for free, while after Covid, the office of theirs doesn’t respond, and I’ve kinda given up on it since discovering the mini blender juce prep is way quicker than the cold press juicer process of putting it together, juicing it slowly, then taking it apart, washing all crevices, all that business isn’t for young moms is what I’ll say. Blender it is.

A few seconds of noise and it’s done ✅
Juice straining step has added benefit of increasing grip strength. For days my hands would be sore at first, as I really go at it to get all the goodies out, but with time it gets better and quicker, and I do wake up craving this green machine ✅
Making the juice is always messier than what’s shown on YouTube! BUT making it in a Magic Bullet or alike mini blender is quickest and cleanest way.

The cleanup consists of rinsing the cutting boards and the knife I use to chop up the celery, as I put a bit of left over juice back in the blender, seal it and pop it in the fridge for tomorrow’s juicing. This is the best way as you don’t want to be adding water to dilute the juice to get the blending going, I suggest leaving a couple ounces of juice for the next batch instead.

Here’s the back cover of Celery Juice Book by Medical Medium, I don’t have it myself as I picked up the Thyroid Healing one, but whoever needs detailed explanation on why Celery Juice, and why without that little lime lemon apple and whatever else in it, look into this. And keep your juice clean and drink them cocktails later in the day! 🙂

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