Our baby empanadas. Take 1

Having two 5/1 Human Design Profiles at home as both my husband Julio Edgardo and daughter Kaia are these Heretic Investigators, their line 1 being their body demands continuous flow of body feeding goodness, regular exercise and beautiful foods, and new foods that serve as physical-input, contributing to their physical satisfaction. It works out good for me as a 1/4 profile myself, as I am their chef obviously, and my 1 line demands ongoing intellectual food, and doing new things in the kitchen adds to satisfaction of this need, especially when I can write about it.

Today Julio sleeps after a night shift and I figure we’ll catch up on his tiredness with new joyful physical input and make some empanadas, Turnovers in English, Pīrāgi in Latvian.

In store I grabbed a pack of Turnover dough to try& a pack of Organic ground beef I know we like.

Frying up chopped onion with beef, taco seasonings & some salt for the first batch. I then add chopped yellow and green bell peppers in 1/4 of the meat for my own version with veggies.

Grandma Anita Ādamsone said, with kids nothing is perfect but everything gets done. I consider this proper practice of motor skills. Expecting kids-version result from the get go is advisable to prevent any anxiety of how it turns out, as what matters is the child involvement in the real life activities. They won’t remember how empanadas look but they’ll proudly remember making them “by themselves”.
“Close close close“ Next time I’ll strain the filling from extra oil as it’s squishing out the sides of these babies.
Parchment Paper is my baking tray, since moving in this home I haven’t gotten around to buy new oven pans yet but practice shows Parchment Paper is sufficient for baking of small goods, without need to turn them around mid-bake as it cooks both sides quite evenly as it’s just paper there! Less cleaning, more winning ✅
Egg step is optional, put it if you want it, skip it if you’re on egg-free diet. We use fresh farm eggs from our family farmer @underconstruction on IG.
I popped these in the oven on 400 degrees but you can also fry them in your choice of oil, I suggest cooking only in grape seed, coconut and sesames seed oils.
Yum. These came out crunchy! Next time we’ll use higher temperature for shorter baking time and dryer filling as for softer crust result, but if you like a crunchy crust, keep it oily! What’s your favorite empanada?


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